Giovanni Carbonella speaks 5 fluent languages (Dutch, English, French, German and Italian) and is a thorough entrepreneur with a heart and solid base for design and customization. As the founder of the successful Carbonella Suits, he knows better than anyone else what perfection consists of. There is little difference between customization and the real estate world. Every part of the house must be approached with a clinical eye for perfection. An eye for every detail and expertise is more than a must to achieve a perfect result. Customers take him to heart because every part of the property to be purchased is thoroughly inspected ranging from electricity, plumbing, equipment, condition of the house to all other small elements that are mandatory. The approach is completely different from that of a general real estate office. Giovanni has a high end ability to have a critical look at things and ensure that all cards are on the table. The term house hunter can be taken literally. The search for a dream house that meets all the wishes and requirements of the customer.

The fact that house hunting is a profession on its own, the next phase in the process in search of the perfect house is a crucial element. When it comes to finding a dream home, it is often about exposing the small or large defects. The asking price is also a difficult point of discussion. As a multiple entrepreneur, Giovanni can strongly negotiate the asking price of the house, apartment or country house. Everything in the interest of the customer. So not only to find the dream house, but also at the best possible price.

Straightforward, transparency and honesty are elements that ensure that you will always make the best possible choice in finding a dream home or apartment.

In short, as a house hunter, Giovanni saves you time, provides a complete detailed approach and negotiates the best price for you.

Giovanni, your personal real estate advisor.