In today’s times, Real estate remains a hot topic. It is more than clear that Belgium people, figuratively speaking, are still born with a brick in the stomach.However, the offerings are huge and couples and single people have less and less time to invest time in home visits. Time is precious and limited. Calling on various real estate agencies to buy a house or apartment is a debilitating process and has also many limitations.

The times of a traditional approach where a real estate agent takes care of the interests of his client (the seller) and you willing to buy a house, are now seen in a totally different daylight. House hunter Giovanni is doesn’t have the responsibility a for a real estate agent where a portfolio has to be sold. The sole interest and responsibility Giovanni has it this of the client looking for a dream house. There are no limitations in the findings since the market is the play game. Your personal house advisor only represents your interests. Not that of a Real Estate Agency or the seller.

It’s a fact that many people do not find what they are looking for. To achieve this, a high level of empathy is needed to fully understand the customer needs and to look for that dream house or apartment.

After all, buying a house is a serious process. So calling upon Giovanni as a personal House hunter has serious advantages over a classic approach.

As a personal property advisor, Giovanni takes over all your tasks and wishes in such a way that you can fully enjoy your free time. No weekend visits, no late evening visits or holidays that have to be spend in doing so. A completely personal approach to your home project is fully ensured. All your wishes are carefully written out, discussed and then detailed into a full report. From there on we can get start to find your dream house or apartment.

The concept is a full blown success because Giovanni is able to put all your wishes into reality. This is also done in a very short term since clients are demanding. Giovanni is like no other house hunter. The eye for details, precision, style and negations to find a house on short notice is one of his specialities. Within a short amount of time you as a client will receive a complete and full report of different houses with a vast amount of details that go deeper than the average real estate agent. Everything is discussed in detailed from your very own seat.

Giovanni is there for you as a customer and is not dependent of a portfolio. He is your personal house hunter and only represents your personal interests. This makes buying a house a blissful experience.