Who am I

Giovanni Carbonella speaks 5 fluent languages (Dutch, English, French, German and Italian) and is a thorough entrepreneur with a heart and solid base for design and customization.

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We find your dream house

As a personal immo consultant, or a popular house hunter, I am not dependent on a portfolio or office, but I am really at the service of my clients. The entire process of searching for a house or apartment is taken out of your hands whereby we look for all your wishes and requirements together.

This saves you a lot of time and frustration by making house visits and perhaps getting persuaded for a house that does not meet your requirements 100%.

With a personal estate advisor you have a belly speaker who will only be satisfied with the best that is available.

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  • You save a lot of time and frustration
  • No loss of holidays, weekends or late evening visits
  • A house hunter who only works for you, not for the seller of the property or agency
  • Not tied to a portfolio that must be sold
  • Results based on all your requirements and wishes
  • Every single detail of the property is examined
  • With this approach you prevent of buying a property that have hidden flaws
  • You ensure that you always make the right choice
  • We negotiate the best possible price
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Giovanni Carbonella

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